Frequently Asked Questions

How representative are the pictures I seen in my browser to the prints I will receive?

The web images are generally straight out of the camera while your prints will be color corrected if needed and cropped to the size you ordered. Prints always look much better than what you see on your monitor. Be aware that your monitor is probably not color calibrated, so what you are seeing in terms of color is just an approximation.

How long will the prints last?

All photos are printed on archival papers and using archival pigmented inks that are more fade resistant than traditional chemical prints. Nevertheless, the same care should be exercised when storing or displaying a digital print as a traditional print. Store photographs in a dark, cool, dry place. Do not display photographs without protecting them behind glass or UV rated plexi glass. By following these recommendations, the photographs will last a very, very long time.

Can you photography my game or event?

To find out more about scheduling, please see this web page.

Why are your prices higher than other photographers?

Because we believe we put the time and effort into our work that can consistently deliver a significantly better product. Find out more about our commitment to quality.

Why are your prices lower than other photographers?

Yes, this is true in many cases. We don't do onsite sales (see next question) and therefore don't have this labor and equipment expense.

Why don't you do onsite sales?

High quality printing using archival materials just can't be done onsite nor can the choices of print sizes and paper types be offered. You can't rush quality. Also, rather than selling pictures at the event, we'd rather use the time to take more photos.

Do you offer discounts when ordering multiple photos?

Discounts are offered on multiple prints of the same photo and size as well as on team photos that generate a high number of sales. We don't offer discounts beyond this for two reasons: First, we personally print each picture and it takes time to optimize the image for each print. Second, we believe the overall quality of our photos and service is consistent with our pricing.